Mecanum Robot Platform

Mecanum system ล้อแมกคานั้ม

A Holonomic Drive Train, a.k.a. Mecanum Platform, is a sophisticated and unique locomotion technique that allows a platform with this installed driving system to be moved in any direction without any requirement of rotation moment. With this, it also allows the platform to be operated in a tight space with high precision location control.

Therefore, this technology can be utilized in wide variety of applications such as material handling system, automated warehouse managemetnt system and etc. 

Special feature

  • Platform wheels are made by specially mixed polymer which gives high endurance and suitable hardness.
  • Additional sensor such as LIDAR can be utilized to allow fully automated location system.
  • Controller and motor amplifier are specially built from DSP and FPGA system incorporated with high power and isolated H-bridge drivers.
  • Maximum payload could reach as high as hundred kilograms.
  • With utilization of Li-Po battery pack, a platform can be operated for a very long time with a single charge.

We also provide a custom design and building service for Mecanum wheels and Mecanum platform. Please send us you inquiry via email or call 087-916-8884 or filling the contact form show on the right side.  

Mecanum system ล้อแมกคานั้ม

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